Friday, April 15, 2005

quick rant

Ok, I know I have a quiet voice. I consider it to be one of my many charms (ha!). And I know that people are always telling me I need to speak up on the phone (Kyle, Tera, anyone I talk to on the phone)... Today I was returning a phone call to someone who had inquired about web design. The lady that answered the phone was rude, loud- I can just imagine her in my head and she's chubby and lives in the 80's. So, I politely asked for the guy and she said he wasn't there. So, I asked if I could leave a message. She said "Yeah, go ahead." So, I started my schpeel and she just broke in, obviously not writing anything I was saying down (like a good message taker would) and yelled at me "You need to speak up, I can hardly hear you." I just mumbled the rest of my message in a much louder voice and hung up. I've worked in customer service. She wasn't good at it. It stressed me out once I was off the phone. I needed to rant. Thanks for listening (reading, whatever...).


Michelle said...


I have a soft voice also. Any time I'm in a public place the pitch of my voice seems to blend into the surrounding noise and I have to lean into the talbe for people to hear. It makes us look like people discussing some secretive topic. Sometimes I'm even horse after prolonged time in this setting.
Sorry about the cranky retro woman. She was proably distracted by an off beat jelly braclet, or Madona song coming in on the radio.

Miranda said...

you make me laugh. keep it up.

Anonymous said...

<.Loud Voice> Hel-LO!? We've talked about this! Your voice is NOT soft, it's HUSKY! Yeah, I like it. <./Loud Voice>

Anonymous said...

Sorry aboutthe random periods in the fake tags of the previous comment. Apparently blogger was really trying to decipher and display those "tags" and so I had to remove them. Talk about censorship. ;-)

Gina Marie said...

I get accused of mumbling a lot, mostly by Erik and my best friend Laura. Erik I attribute to the fact that he's not really listening to me (it's that one track mind thing) and my friend Laura I attribute to the fact that she really likes having all the information. She doesn't want to have to figure out from context what I'm saying, which I think she should try to do so I don't have to repeat myself so often. So that's my way of justifying my way of speaking. You'll find your own, don't worry Mandy.