Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Scary Dream

So, I'm in NM this week for work. I'm blaming weird dreams on that fact. Last night I had a dream that Kyle & I had a little baby girl. SIDE NOTE: Tera & Mike also had a little girl, which I named Mia. Anyway, so Kyle & I have this cute little blonde-headed baby girl and take her home and I put her in her crib to sleep. We immediately forget that she exists and go out of town overnight, leaving her in the house alone. The next afternoon, we realize that we had forgotten about our baby and rush home, to find that everything is ok. She's hungry and has a full diaper, but she's still alive. I tell my mom, who then comes over to help me raise the baby. In the meantime, I find out that I can no longer breast feed, since I waited too long between feedings. My baby also pukes up a weird, thick puke that I still remember vividly. I woke up totally stressed out and it took me half the day to relax and convince myself that when I do have a baby, I won't forget about it. Has anyone else ever had a dream like this? It's still freaking me out.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


We RARELY get visitors in Wyoming. In fact, other than family members, I'm not sure we've had any. So, we were totally psyched when we found out that Andi & Jesse were going to bring Aiden to Wyoming for the weekend. We had such a good time catching up with them, relaxing, watching movies, eating, and planning a vacation. It was so good. I love having friends like them. The friends that you know you don't have to entertain or impress, that will love you no matter what and that you can just lay around watching football all day with. It was great. One of the best weekends I've had in a while. Aiden is so adorable and was so fun to have in the house. He was such a good little baby. I think we're starting to get baby fever in this house... but, maybe not too. Anyway, on to the pictures:

The Freiwald's

Proud Papa

Andi & The yummy Thai food she made for us

Bath Time

Kyle hanging out with Aiden

Lounging. All weekend long...

Sunday, October 15, 2006


So, we've been in full-fledged home remodel/update mode this week. Last weekend, my mom came to help me put up paintable wallpaper in kyle's bathroom, while he worked on changing out the lights/faucets/etc. His bathroom is almost done, just waiting for some things we ordered online. Then, on Monday we started on my bathroom, regrouting/caulking the shower (which is a horrible, time consuming process that we will never do again), changing out the lights, the old medicine cabinet, and the faucets. Kyle is currently up there fixing my toilet. Why are we doing all of this work? We have no idea. It all started once we realized that if we put in lots of work, we could have both bathrooms done by this Friday, which is when my best friend, Andi, and her hubby, Jesse, and baby Aiden are coming for a visit. We are so close. I finished painting the walls in my bathroom today and I have to paint the trim/vanity tomorrow night. I can't wait for it to be done. I need a break from this stuff. And, I'm sick of Home Depot! My mom lives near a Lowe's and is always finding better/cheaper stuff there. I'm jealous. I'll post pics when we're all done... probably Thursday just in time for Grey's Anatomy.