Friday, April 29, 2005

movie recommendations?

I'm going to rent movies for the weekend over my lunch break... any suggestions?


Michelle said...

If its not too late.
1. Wicker Park
2. The Boondock Saints
3. Napolian Dynamite
4. The Village
5. Troy

That should cover just about every type.

Miranda said...

I've seen everything but the Boondock Saints. I rented Ladder 49 and Meet the Fockers. Your movie is going on the list for next weekend.

travis schmitz said...

they dont come out for at least a week but
the life aquatic with steve zissou
national treasure
the aviator
they are all good i downloaded them all already im not sure if they are out on video yet but i think they are soon
oceans 12 is awesome but that has been out for a while