Friday, June 08, 2007

Another Run...

Gillette has this thing called the Feet Don't Fail Me Now Road Race Series. There are 5 road races this summer and if you complete all 5, you get a prize. On Thursday, I finished #3. Two more to go. This one was the White Davis Chevy 4 Mile. I finished it in 35:36. It was fun. I like to run.

Stephanie, Terra, Me, Betty, & Barb.


Big storm in Gillette Wednesday night. Huge. Multiple tornados, lots of hail, craziness all around. Don't worry - no one was hurt. I'll let the pics do the talking:

It's Beginning...

Holy Crap!

I think this is the 1st tornado I've ever seen! SCARY!
(p.s. This picture was taken from the parking lot at work.)

Our driveway. Not snow. Hail.

More of the same.

Robbin surprised at how much hail we had.
Or maybe that it's cold.
Or maybe I just told her to "act surprised."
You decide.

It's kind of hard to see, but I made a hailman.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Running.... and running... and running...

Yesterday was the Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon. I ran the 1/2 Marathon. 13.1 miles. And I finished! My goal was to do it in under 2 hours. I ran it in 1:58:41, which put me at 397 of 1139 racers. I'm pretty happy about it. It was in Deadwood, so we hung out and threw away some money the night before the race:

Kyle & I with Deadwood Main Street in the background.

Then it was race day. I had to get up at about 5am to make the trolley that took us to the buses, which took us to the race start. I was nervous, but excited and my mind was taken off the race because I kept running into people I know. I started the race near Andi, a friend from grade school and then ran the first part of the race with Kari, a friend from college that now lives in North Dakota. It was pretty exciting! I hurt my knee at about mile 10, but my running partner Jenni would not let me slow down. She was a good motivator and kept me going at the pace we needed to finish in under 2 hours. It was a really fun, really pretty race. If you're looking for a 1/2 marathon, this is a good one. And, it's mostly downhill and on a nice trail. But, it makes for really sore legs after the race. I only have one picture and it's not very good, but here it is:

I'm pretty much in the middle of the picture.
This is at mile 12, so we're almost done!

I'm so glad that it's over and I can just relax and do fun runs for the rest of the summer. I've heard that running a 1/2 sometimes makes you want to run a full marathon. That is not the case with me. I'm happy with just having run a 1/2.

Link to Race Results:


After the BolderBoulder, we all went to a Colorado Rockies game. We love Coors Field. And the Rockies won! It was super fun, we had club seats, which is always nice!! Oh, and even better - it was free hat day, so be sure to check out our matching Rockies hats in the pics:

Duane, Me, & Mom

Mom, Duane, Kyle & Me

Friday, June 01, 2007


I ran my first 10k last weekend, the much-anticipated BolderBoulder. My mom & Duane joined Kyle & I on this trip. We had such a fun time! We stopped on the way down at the Promenade Shops @ Centerra and some dinner & the Borderita. We also "explored" Bolder a little, driving around and checking out the sites. It was super fun. We had dinner on the roof at the Lazy Dog. It was really fun!

Kyle & I (please notice the beautiful mountains in the background)

The we woke up to race day. It was literally the most fun run of my life. There is so much going on along the course that you don't even realize you are running a race. Around 50,000 people ran (or walked) the race. You finish the race in the University of Colorado stadium. It's pretty cool. I finished the 6.2 mile course in 57:29. I was happy with that. Here are some pics:

Duane, Me, Jenni, and Emily

The Finish at the Stadium

Terra & I rounding the last corner.

Me (with crazy hair) & Duane after the race

Enjoying our FREE post-race beer. Beer at 8:30 am isn't as good as it sounds.