Tuesday, April 19, 2005

packing for vegas

So, I have a crazy busy day today - meeting with a potential web client at 11:15, lunch with the girls at noon (yes, that's a 2 hour lunch - hope no one will notice). After work - working out with tasha, company dinner, packing for vegas. I'm super excited for Vegas. I even called the hotel to make sure they have hair dryers and irons in the room and found out that the exercise facilities cost $20/day (Thanks, Natz, for the heads-up). Ridiculous. So, I guess be swimming laps in the pool or something. I can get 10 tanning sessions for that. Are you kidding?! Kyle has just started to get excited for the trip. He takes a little longer than most, I guess. I've gotten lots of great tips (the good buffets & great views) and looked for all the free entertainment online. Yes, we're cheap. But, once I win millions, maybe I'll get over that. Any one have any last minute tips or things I can't forget to pack? I have to remember to make reservations today for the one restaurant we're wanting to go to - Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill. I'm a big fan of the food Network, so I've gotta try out one of America's Iron Chef's restaurant, right? Looks good, anyway, the menu is online. Ok, back to work. Only two more days of this until our VACATION!!


Anonymous said...

I love Iron Chef! I haven't seen the American version, how is it? That menu looks GOOD! I hope you guys have so much fun! Whoo-hoo!!!


Am said...

Hope you have a great trip! After you win all that money, just remember you poor, missionary friend in Japan!

P.s. thanks to you I started a blog!