Sunday, July 15, 2007

Quick Catch Up

1. Went back to Mitchell for my cousin Trevis's wedding reception. While I don't have any pictures of him, I have a couple other cute ones:

Tera, Dylan, and Me

Tyson, Macy, and Maddy

2. We also went to Tera's house to hang out. I found Macy some cute pink cowboy boots at a garage sale:

Seriously, I need this girl to live with me, if only to clean.

She loves her Uncle Kyle.


Is there anything cuter than this?

3. Dylan got a new bike:

4. I wore the same shirt as a girl I work with:
How embarrassing! Ok, so we were the only ones that noticed...

5. I took Dylan mountain biking:

Hot. And by hot, I mean the sweaty kind, not the cute kind.

Hot. The cute kind.

Safety first.

6. The postal service finally comes through (or not):

I called Tera to make sure she got the b-day card I sent Mike. She had, and asked if we had gotten ours. Strangely, we hadn't. (Tera is not known for sending cards.) Her reply: "The Postal Service just hasn't been the same since 9/11." and "Well, I was baking you guys some goodies for your birthday and spilled some powdered sugar on them. That probably didn't help... you know, with all the anthrax scares." So, while at her house, I noticed two envelopes in the garage, covered in powdered sugar. The photo explains the rest. I was laughing so hard I was crying. What a dork. It's a good thing our postal service just returns mail that has been identified as having anthrax, and doesn't arrest the sender. Or that for whatever reason, Tera doesn't need postage OR a complete address OR a correct zip code to send mail. Hilarious.

7. 4th of July:
Team America.
Firecracker 5-Mile. I got 2nd in my age division.

Kyle chillin' at the Winter's 4th of July Party & Badminton Tourney.
The funnest party we've been too all summer.

Watching the fireworks.