Friday, April 08, 2005


I'm blogging tonight from the town of Wagner, South Dakota. My sister Tera and her hubby live here. We (my mom and my little sister Maggie) drove down here to watch my brother, Tanner, play basketball tomorrow.

As we drove into town (after a 6 hour trip), we made a bet on the time we would get into Tera's driveway. The losers had to get the winner's concessions all day at the baskeball tourney. Of course, I won (6:55 pm).

My mom is a riot. I love travelling with her. Tonight she made up a new word, which she likes to do often. Tonight's word is illusination. It's basically the same as illusion, but with the Bonnie twist. I wish I could remember some of the other words she's made up.

Tera and Mike made us spaghetti leftovers just to prove that they were better at warming things up than I am. They proved it - it was really good.

Tera has a wireless network in her house - LOVE IT!


Jemgia said...

Leftovers rule...I never liked em and one day...BAM! I love eating day old stuff.

travis schmitz said...

new posts on my blog site mard to read thaes for ever to read and type but worth the time and trouble

Anonymous said...

heres a new word for ya reintarnation- coming back as a redneck