Thursday, July 21, 2005

pool police

Almost everyday, after work, I go to the pool for about an hour to relax. Usually there's not many people there, but occasionally there's a pool full of kids. Either way, I don't mind. I just sit back, relax and read a book (currently: Cold Mountain). I usually enjoy this time, and rarely disturbed, and get to relax an hour before heading home to make supper or whatever the night may bring. Last night was different. I got my chair, faced it towards the sun, and started reading. Soon, a little girl came and asked me for help with her goggles. No problem, I'm happy to help. Then, the entire mood of the pool shifted as the pool police came into view. Apparently this woman, "Sam", was just hired to be the pool police, a position she takes VERY seriously. She let introduced herself to me and let me know the three big "crimes" they were trying to fight this summer:

1. No smoking in the pool area. No problem, I don't smoke.
2. No after hour swimming. The pool closes at 10. Well, I'm usually heading to bed at 10.
3. No letting in keyless pool patrons. It doesn't matter if they're the cutest big eyed kids in the world, you need a key to get in the pool.

This last rule brought two girls out of the water and they took off. She told me that they were the reason she was down here. She had heard that some little girls had been let into the pool by an adult. Luckily, it wasn't me. But, she was on her way to that adult to give her a talkin' to. How did she know they were let in?? She told me where she lives and she doesn't have a view of the pool from her house. Are there cameras installed somewhere that I don't know about? I'm scared of the pool police.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Mt. Rushmore

Mt. Rushmore Posted by Picasa

Mt. Rushmore...and the Irby's

The annual trek to Mt. Rushmore. If you haven't been there, you need to check it out.

Irby's at Mt. Rushmore Posted by Picasa

Hills Alive 2005.

This is us as we are trying to enjoy the bands in the 109 degree weather. It was hot. The bands were great. Overall, good fun.

Hills Alive 2005. The Irby's. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 14, 2005

fun weekend just around the corner

This weekend, we're going to Rapid City for "Hills Alive" - a FREE Christian music festival. It will be really fun. My mom and stepdad are leaving town and taking the little kids with them, so it will be Kyle, me, Dylan, and Tanner. It will be a fun weekend. Dylan is going to be a senior and Tanner is going to be a Sophomore. I'm very excited and trying to think of ways to convince them to hang out with us. (Taking them out to dinner is all I have so far.) It will be fun. I'm hoping to stop at Mt. Rushmore to check out the face lift the boys are getting. We'll see what happens.

shop til you drop... literally...

I realize it's been a while since I've posted. Sorry. I had a big weekend last weekend, drove down to Denver to go wedding dress shopping with Carissa, who is getting married in just two short months (an even quicker engagement that mine). We found her dress, the bridesmaid dresses (I am now a bridesmaid, but only because of a last-minute cancellation), and flower girl dress. The most frustrating part of the weekend: finding ties to match the dresses. We literally spent 5 hours hitting two different malls to find the ties to match the dresses. At the end of the day, we came away with two blue and two yellow.... not what we wanted. I guess they ended up buying some online... and after all that work. In related news, I have been "hired" as the official decorator. I'm very excited and have already drawn pics of what I want the reception to look like. It's going to be great. The colors are blue, yellow, and white and the flowers are daisies. So cute!

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Now, I know I've only had my new bike a couple of days. But, I just really love riding my bike. Am, back me up on this: Riding your bike is so much better than driving. Aside from the obvious health benefits, you notice more - the neighborhoods, the flowers, etc. People say hello or give you a friendly wave. It's just nice. I've been riding my bike to work. Last night, Kyle and I rode our bikes to go water a friend's garden and flowers (they're out of town). It's just a more relaxing way to do things. So, get on your bike today and ride it. Having said all of that, I'm in my car at the first sight of rain...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

weekend in colorado.

We spent way too much money this weekend. First, gas prices - holy crap. Then, me shopping - holy crap. Two new bikes - holy crap. But, it was all worth it and we had a lot of fun hanging out with Kyle's family. I posted some pics below. The trip was almost ruined due to a lost cell phone before we even left. But, the Gillette police department pulled through and called me to let me know that someone had turned it in. Apparently, it was a slow night on the beat.... or whatever.

We made it home in time from Colorado to watch the fireworks in Gillette and hang out with some of our church friends at the park. The fireworks were really good and there were several points when Kyle said "If they don't slow down, they'll run out..." It was just a constant stream of fireworks. And it was long. It was a great 4th of July weekend.

my new bike.

My new bike. Kyle got a really cool, but expensive road bike. I got this one. It was on clearance. I rode it to work today. I love my new bike. Posted by Picasa


Tim, Harley, and Kyle. They went on a boys bonding mountian bike ride while we were in Colorado Springs.
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