Friday, April 29, 2005

graduation gift

So, I answer the phone last night and this is what I hear: "What did I get you for graduation from college?" Uh. Luckily I checked the caller id before answering. "Hi Mom." Then I panic. I have no idea what she got me. It was probably something sentimental or expensive that I should never have forgotten about. Oh wait. It's Mom. "Nothing" I reply. "Oh, good, that's what I'll get Tera then." My sister graduates from college this weekend. WAY TO GO TERA! I'm getting you what Mom is.


Macy said...

That's is just a bunch of crap. You would think that my older sister would at least throw me a bone here. Oh well, at least mom is COMING to my graduation!!!

Miranda said...

Yeah, she still loves me more, though.