Friday, May 26, 2006

Our favorite Macy pic....


The Irby Fam visits the CP

Haven't been to see the Corn Palace? You're missing out. A trip home isn't complete without a visit to the Palace. We even took pics:

In All Its Glory


Kyle saluting the rodeo....

Kyle chillin with Uncle Zeke

Kyle & I chillin with Zach

Karaoke Night in Artesian

My cousin Megan got married a few weeks ago. As a pre-party, the Yusten clan headed up to the small, small, small town of Artesian, SD to do a little karaoke. It was a great time as you can see from the pics below:

The girls - me, Jeanna, Heidi, and Tera.

Tera, me, and Mom

My brother-in-law Mike and my sister Tera. Hot.

My cousin Tayla, me, and my cousin Tambi.

The picture I promised I wouldn't post.

My cousin Andy and his future fiance, Heidi.

My momma and Aunt Nancy totally rockin out.

I may have even rocked out a little....

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Congrats Katie!

My little sister Katie graduated from High School. Way to go, sis!
(Prom Picture, Not Grad Picture)

Why we love Wyoming....

Ryan & Kyle in the bighorns.
(Click on the picture - it's better when it's bigger.)

My dad, his fiance (Sandy), her daughter (Serena), my sister (Katie), and brother (Ryan) came to visit for Easter. We took them up the Bighorn Mountains on Saturday to go for a hike. We had initially planned on taking them to Rifle lake, but that trail was closed. So, we headed down to Tie Hack Reservoir (& Dam). Insert a thousand dam jokes... we did. The best part of the hike was near the above pic. We were hanging out (taking bathroom breaks) and enjoying the view... All of a sudden Ryan started down the hill and found a tupperware container. At first, we thought it was a first aid kit. However, we were wrong. It was a GeoCache. Basically, there are people who travel the world (or state) looking for these things. Ryan just stumbled upon it. We were so proud. So, you open it up and you get to take something out, but you have to put something in to. We took kleenex (we had used ours up during the bathroom break), kyle took a belt buckle, and we took something else, but I can't remember what. We left my dad's business card (just in case anyone needs a tractor), some chapstick, and a granola bar. If you get the chance and have a GPS, you should play this game.

Twins... or ... I Dress Too Young

Ruby and I on Mother's Day. Please note that we are wearing the same outfit.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

road race season begins....

Tonight was the first road race of the season.... the 7th Street Challenge... It's only 1.8 miles, but 1/2 of it is uphill and not just uphill, up the steepest hill in town: 7th Street. It wasn't as bad as I expected, and I didn't finish last. A friend that I work out with ran with me, I think Kyle has retired from the road race circuit. No medals this run, and I finished at around 18 minutes. I'm happy with that. I'm not sure when the next race I can make it to is, probably June....