Friday, September 30, 2005

movin' on up...

So, I was waiting to post this until I had all the details, but I couldn't wait any longer. I'm getting a promotion!!!! And a raise, but those are the sketchy details (dang it!). I am moving from Office Tech to SCADA Administrator. Woo Hoo! Basically this means that I will have control over the SCADA System and will get a new office and not a cubby. I'm way excited. I was hoping to know some $$ details before the weekend, but no word yet. My boss said "When you work here, you learn patience." Great. So, we'll see what happens, but any raise is a good raise! I've known that the possibility was there since Monday, but things are being confirmed now. And we might be hiring someone to take over some of my current duties, which would be great, then I could take a vacation without worrying about things getting done. I'm really, really, really, really excited.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sunday, September 25, 2005

christmas in september

This weekend, we made another trek to Tera's house (6.5 hours away) to visit and attend Macy's dedication (we are her "sponsors"). It was a fun weekend, with WAY too much driving. We ended up making a loop of 1/2 of South Dakota, I swear. Saturday, we got to go with them to Macy's baby pictures, which turned out SO cute. I'll post a link once there's one to post. They are so adorable, though.

On Wednesday night, our washing machine decided to break. Well, it still worked, but 1/2 of the water ended up in the bathroom... on the floor. Kyle and his dad tried to fix it Thursday night, to no avail. Kyle's dad and brother-in-law were going to come over and fix it while we were gone. Kyle kept calling them to see how things were going and we finally found out that it was fixed. But, we had stopped at Sears on Saturday to see that we couldn't really afford new ones right now.

We got home late tonight, and Kyle saw that there was some dryer vent duct stuff in the trash, so we went down there to see what they had done and this is what we found:

Merry Christmas to us!!!! Posted by Picasa

We are so excited, grateful, relieved, overwhelmed, excited, and excited! Mom & Dad Irby got us a new washer and dryer! I wish I could explain how nasty and old our old stuff was. You'll never know, they hauled it to the dump. But, now we have BRAND SPANKIN NEW ones! I love early Christmas presents! This one was the BEST!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

fun new "neighbors"

Kyle's sister and her husband moved back to town this weekend. I'm blaming my lack of posts on that and the fact that I've had a bad cold all week. Is that a good excuse? Hope so....

Anyway, we spent the weekend (Fri & Sat) moving them in and unpacking, which was fun. We're really excited to have them in town now. I can already see us spending weekends (fri night movies or sun football) at each others' house. Fun.

Sunday, I was feeling really crappy, so after church, we slept most of the day away. It was a much needed nap. I can't remember the last time I had a nap. SO GOOD.

This weekend (tomorrow, actually), we're driving 7 hours to my sister's house for the dedication of little Macy. Kyle & I are the "Godparents". Kyle's pretty excited to be the GODFATHER. We're going to watch Mike (Tera's hubby) coach a football game, head to Sioux Falls for a 5 generation picture with Great-Grandma, then back to Wagner for the dedication. It should be a fun weekend. Lots of driving, though.

That's it for now. Tonight I'm doing voice recordings for the internet company I work for... more info on that later.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

the space station

Tonight, the space station passed through the sky in our neck of the woods. We had to be outside at 7:57 in order to see it for 3 minutes and 56 seconds. We left the house at 7:53 or so after deciding to drive to the outskirts of town so we could see it better or at least increase our chances of seeing it at all. I thought I saw it, so I had Kyle pull over and WE TOTALLY FOUND IT!! We saw most of it's flight across our sky. It was really cool. It supposed to be in the sky again tomorrow at 8:23. Maybe we'll try to see it again....

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

nothing better

Last night, we were invited to the birthday party of our friends' kid. He was turning 4. It was such a good time. The party got rained out, so we were all inside. Kids crack me up. I had such a good time. The highlight of the party was when they were opening presents and Tasha (the birthday boy's mom) asked her husband for a knife to cut open a box. Another little 4 year old excitedly says, "I've got one!" and proceeds to pull out a pocket knife to the complete embarrassment of his mother. Everyone was laughing and his mom said, "Well, I guess I'm glad he didn't pull that out on the trampoline." Crack me up. Such a funny kid. This same kid was seen outside jumping in front of the window trying to get everyone's attention. FOR 30 MINUTES, I swear. I looked out the window and said to Kyle, "THAT doesn't make you want to have kids?" I can't wait for the next party!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

fresh coat of paint

Sorry for the lack of posts - we've been painting all weekend. I'll post some pics soon!