Sunday, January 15, 2006

sunday school class teachers

We taught the K - 1st grade sunday school class today. It was really fun. We were both a little nervous. Kyle had never taught before and I had only been a "helper" before. After getting off to a rocky start (we had one kid that didn't want to do anything and ended up going back to sit with his mom.... what?!), we ended up having a good time with the kids. We were teaching them about the magi that came to worship Jesus and the fact that you can worship anywhere. I think the message kind of got lost on them, but it was fun creating bright, glittery stars so the Magi could find the baby, playing a trivia game for snacks, and playing the "where did they worship" game. The time passed much faster than we thought it would, which was good. Afterwards, Kyle kept telling me what a good job I did, and how good I was with kids. He was like "I had no idea what to do or say and you always did." He kept praising my abilities with kids, which came after living in a daycare my whole life (my mom had a home daycare). Well, needless to say, I chalked up a couple points in the "I'm ready for kids" category. Woo Hoo!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

proud big sister moment....

Dylan Wince is Kota Territory News
Subway Athlete of the Week:

Click the clip to be linked to the video of his news appearance!

UPDATE: Dylan also featured on the front page... in their "throwback" game.
Click here to read the story and see the picture.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Random Things...

Since Duck is sending his millions of readers to my blog, it's time for me to post something. It seems like life has been boring lately, not much has happened that is post-worthy. I think we've just been really busy. So, I'm just going to post some random things:

1. Basketball. Got to watch Dylan and Tanner (my little brothers) play basketball on Tuesday night. We didn't know about the game until about an hour before it started. We had about an hour and half to drive, so made it for the end of Tanner's game (JV) and all of Dylan's (he's a senior). We lucked out, though, the game was a huge blow out, so we got to see Dylan score a few three's (he ended up with 14 pts, I think) and Tanner even got in long enough to score a couple three's and a few more baskets. I was really proud, feeling like my brothers were superstars!!! And they are!

2. New Years Resolutions. Last year, I made the ambitious resolution to run a 5k. I ran 3 of them and medaled in two. This year was a little harder.... I had no ideas. So, I stole Kyle's resoution. I'm going to try to read the Bible in a year. I have never read the whole Bible. Sad, I know....

3. Baby Countdown. Rhea (Kyle's sis) is ready to blow! Her baby (initially thought to be due at the end of this month) is due ANY DAY NOW! We are anxiously waiting for THE call, and everytime the phone rings, say "Oh, Rhea had her baby!" only to be disappointed by something far less exciting.

4. More basketball. Tonight Kyle had a city league basketball game. The opposing team had a girl, which was really funny for me to watch. No one would guard her aggresively at all, except one guy on Kyle's team - he blocked her shots, fouled her... so funny. Why was everyone scared of the girl?

5. The big payoff. We paid off my computer today. Getting rid of bills is always exciting for me. I have to celebrate!

6. Blessings. Tonight, I'm feeling especially blessed. I love it when I get emails from my friends. Am emailed me today asking for snowboarding tips, which I have NONE. I'm not very good. But, it's fun to know that my friends still think of me often. I'm always thinking about them!

7. More Bible Stuff. I'm terrible about having daily time with God. Terrible. But the last few days, I've been reading the Bible each day. Coincidence that I'm feeling really blessed and happy with my life? I think not.