Friday, March 30, 2007


We got snowed in today! Started Wednesday night and continued through last night. I got stuck in the garage, Kyle got stuck in the driveway. I love snow days!

Kyle Stuck in the Driveway

Aerial View

One of the big drifts.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

running.... or not....

So far this year, I've ran 164 miles. 95% of the miles were ran with someone, sometimes talking, sometimes just trying to breathe, and a few times pushing a stroller. This morning, the plan was to run with Jenni (my usual running partner) at 10. I woke up late and frantically called her to tell her I was on my way. No need to worry, though, Jenni had thrown her back out the previous night and wouldn't be running today. So, I did what any good runner would do: charged my iPod and checked the weather. 60 degrees, nice. So I sat down to think about what to wear.... and never actually went for a run. Instead, I did some work, did some laundry, caught up on EVERYONE's blogs, and watched a little tv. I even showered and did my hair. Why do I feel guilty? I think it's because I'm so close to my goal weight, I feel like I need to use every chance I have to work out. Weird. So, I'm sitting here telling myself it's ok to take a day off, I'll run tomorrow. But, I know that if anyone called me to run today, I'd go. I'm a social runner. I'd rather run 7 or 8 miles with someone than 3 or 4 alone. So, if anyone wants to run today, give me a call...

p.s. Sorry for taking so long to post. I'll try to be better!