Tuesday, April 12, 2005

manic monday

last night our bible study had a little bbq - burgers, potato salad, etc. tasha is so into scrapbooking and she just had a lasting memories party (scrapbooking stuff) this weekend, so she got out a couple of her scrapbooks to show me. i've never really been into scrapbooking. i started one on my nyc adventure, but never finished it. i think i would really like it, but i'm rebelling against the scrapbooking fad or something. i'm almost over that, though. i'm on the verge of wanting to start again. i'm not sure why i have such strong feelings against scrapbooking. weird.

kyle worked all night. literally. he got called in at 6:30 last night and i met him for breakfast this morning at 7:00. poor guy. and he gets to work all day today. i couldn't do it. i need sleep. i don't care how much money i could make (i think he's in to double time or something), i still would rather sleep.

i'm obviously getting too used to having him home, i woke up every two hours hoping he would be home soon. i called him at 2 and he said it was going to be a long night. i'm going to have to call him all day to keep him awake. :)


Anonymous said...


Your animosity towards scrapbooking is kind of how I feel about blogging. I comment on people's pages all the time, but I never even set up an identity. Because it just seems trendy, and something popular in the now. I also think that if I set something up it would be really self-indulgent. Which is really odd because I love reading all my friends thoughts and about their live, and I don't think they are being self-indulgent at all. I felt the same way about cell phones, but now I have one.
Kelly and I have a baby now, and I love reading about you and Kyle going on couple dates. How you have the freedom to go and do whatever you want. Its lovely. Okay this is like a novel. But I'll send you the website of our little girl Faith.


P.S. in case you don't know who I am I just signed your wedding website guest book, and we were in Ginger's small group together.

Miranda said...

Hi - I was trying to remember for sure who you were and then I read your comment on the wedding site. Fart face. I totally know. Funny! Nice to hear from you again!!!

travis schmitz said...

i worked like that last week 12 hours one day come back the next day work 15 hours and so on a month or so ago i worked from 7am to 5 pm then 7 pm to 6 am then went to work at 7 am again they called me nuts but i like money "welcome to the world of technology" ihave been bored this week im only working 8 to 9 hour days seems short compared to last week i have been posting long stories on my blog site it takes me forever to type them so you but they are worth the time well i hope have fun and have a glorious day!

Angela said...

man, that's rough. I couldn't hack it. They would fire me for being crabby.

Can you get fired for being crabby?

Even I scrapbook--I go in spurts. I will admit that is it out of control. It has become an artform. It is all a little overwhelming and I don't want to be labled a "scrapbooker", but i enjoy the creative outlet

Miranda said...

see, when i think "scrapbooker" i think middle age moms sitting together over coffee working on scrapbooks of their kids. i'm not ready for that yet.

i need to get over it. i know.

twinsfan37 said...

Hey Mandy or should I call you Miranda,

Michelle wanted me to show you my blog and also our little girl's web page http://www.geocities.com/kelpuppy37/home.html

Love Kelly (remember me? Todd's Friend)

Miranda said...

hey kelly! of course I remember you guys. i'm mandy or miranda - your choice. thanks for the site, i'll check it out.

Gina Marie said...

I was totally against scrapbooking too because all I ever heard was moms who complained about how far behind they were. I wasn't about to join that club.

But I've found it's a really fun outlet for my creativity, usually. You just can't feel pressured to do the crazy insane looking layouts of the magazines or you'll go insane and broke.