Tuesday, October 04, 2005

weekend adventure

This weekend, we headed over to Sundance to try out a mountain biking trail we had heard about. Kyle was really excited and I was sort of excited. We found the trail and it looked promising. So, we started up the trail and continued uphill. I didn't realize we were going uphill, just thought that it was really hard. I was really hating it. It was really rocky and I kept getting stopped going up a hill by a rock and ended up having to walk my bike more than I would have liked. I was complaining like crazy and sweating like a pig. I'm sure Kyle was ready to kill me and leave me out there. Then, we turned around. It was so much fun going down the mountain. I went from totally hating it to totally loving it in basically 4 seconds. I pretty much didn't have to pedal at all the whole way back to the car. At one point, we stopped and I said to Kyle "I didn't realize we were riding uphill that whole way. " Which, of course, he knew and couldn't believe that I couldn't tell. Anyway, after the ride, went drove around and "explored" the area (we haven't spent any time there previous to this) and found lots of cool things and beautiful scenery. The pics are posted below.


Gina Marie said...

It sounds like the kind of adventure Erik would take me on. And I'd love it in the end (usually that happens - ok, well maybe 75% of the time).

Duck Hunter said...

great pictures. looks like a beautiful place.

Miranda said...

Yeah, it ended up being ok. The drive was really nice - it was so pretty there. Good timing too, since it's snowing right now, if we had waited a weekend, we would've missed all the colors.