Saturday, October 15, 2005

girl fest...continued

Last night was fun. I started with Princess Diaries 2, which was only worth a few tears... Is it bad that I wanted her to end up with the nice prince, not the playboy? Then, I headed to a coffee shop to try to tackle a few more chapters of Anna Karenina. It's taking me way to long to get through this book. Even the library thinks so. Then, a little shopping... at K-mart... for make up. Then back for round 2 of movie mania. I started Prozac nation and hated it, so didn't finish. Fell asleep on the couch instead. Woke up this morning at 8 with a phone call. Tasha needed a babysitter. So I babysat this morning for her 3 boys, then went to a movie with Rhea. We saw In Her Shoes. It was really good, I cried a lot. That's basically how I rate movies. I actually needed napkins for this movie. Sometimes, my hand will suffice, I can just wipe away a few tears. Other times, I leave with a wet sleeve. When I have to use the popcorn-butter stained napkins, you know it was a good movie. Anyway, I've been doing some website work, and now I need to go dig up my wrecked garden (remember the snow storm?) and then I'm going out to eat with Rhea & Harley. Looking forward to round 3 of movie mania after that. So far, a very good day!


Am said...

Hey did you watch 'Crash'? What did you think? I heard it was really good, but pretty intense.

Chase said...

Yea, we really liked it. (Crash) What did you think? Sounds like a fun weekend!

Michelle said...


I really want to see that Elizabethtown. I love Cameron Crow films. The talking to the screen. The smitten boys. Pretty much always a tear jerker.
I loved Crash too, but needed to talk afterwards about my reaction.

Miranda said...

Yes, crash is very good, but like Michelle said, you need to talk about it afterward to process everything. It's a must see. I'm making kyle watch it.