Monday, October 31, 2005

happy halloween

We had a pretty fun night tonight. Rhea (Kyle's sister) invited us over to hand out candy and have supper with her and her husband. Kyle's mom & dad came too. Kyle got off work a little late, so most of the trick or treaters had come and gone by the time we got there. But, there were two teenage boys that had a pretty good KISS costume. (Am, remember? - My roomies Kris, Am, and Am's brother and I all dressed up as KISS for Halloween one year in college. It was an awesome costume). I used to love dressing up. This year, I didn't really care if I did or if I didn't. Hopefully next year, I'll have a little more excitement.

We watched "Fever Pitch" tonight. It's a cute movie. You should definitely rent it.

Ok, I'm tired. Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!


Am said...

I was just telling someone about the great costumes we had - KISS and Ghostbusters. KISS was my favorite though!

Chase said...

I was just looking at a picture of the Ghostbusters costumes we had. Those were pretty sweet. You guys were amazing in the KISS get up! I wish I had a pic of that!

We bought some candy and were ready to pass it out, at least the remaining peices that I hadn't already eaten. :P But no kids came by. Byproduct of living in a scary-after-dark neighborhood I guess. Oh well! More candy for me!!!