Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Last night, I went with Kyle and his co-worker, Jeff, to go hunting. We went out on Kyle's grandparents' land. It was actually more fun that I expected, although nothing was shot. We went out and found a place to sit, where we could see the deer down in the field below us (there were two small bucks in that group). We also were on the deer trail, so we could easily see if any deer came down from either side. Three deer appeared on the spot that Jeff was sure none would, so they were directly behind us. So, we had to be really still so they would walk down. At this point, my feet are falling asleep and being still is getting impossible. Finally, the deer must've seen or smelled us, and they turned around. So, we went walking up the hill to see if there were any deer in the canyon. There were SO MANY back there. They just kept coming, too, it was really funny. There were at least 15 deer back there. But, we couldn't find a buck from where we were. And by the time we moved to a good shooting position, it was getting dark, and you can't hunt after dark. So, they're going back Wed. while I'm in New Mexico. It was an anti-climatic hunting trip, but it was a great hike! :)

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Chase said...

why are you going to New Mexico?

Fun state, enjoy yourself!