Monday, June 20, 2005

Playlist for: Road Tripping

Good songs for road trips go here. Help me get some good tunes for the road.


Michelle said...

Better than Ezra : at the stars
(especially on the way home from somewhere you went without Kyle)
Tones of Home : Blind Melon
Indiana by some band Kelly will have to tell you.

I'm sorry to report that there was no briteny on our trip, because my portable C.D. adaptor died on me. But we are looking at getting a C.D. player installed as an aniversary gift today :) My email is :

Miranda said...

Sad about Brittney. It's probably better that way. Thanks for the tunes.

Aaron the Truck Driver said...

am radio !!!!

Music is overrated!

Miranda said...

ask the professional, i guess. i listen to am radio all day at work, so when i'm driving, i'm rockin.

thanks, though.