Friday, June 17, 2005

birthday blues... part 2

I was so excited when the software we needed (to finally get the iPod to work) came yesterday. We waited until after Kyle's birthday dinner (which we were late to thanks to the mechanic at my work - another story for another time) to install it. However, when he put the CD in, it just popped right back out. No matter what we did, same results. This CD was not going to work. Then, I realized that it was DVD, Kyle's mac didn't have DVD, just CD. At this point, we are both pissed. I double checked our order, the page we ordered it from - no CD choice. Apparently everyone has DVD on their computer but us. I call apple support. I can send in the DVD to another place, with $10 and get the software on CD. Ok, hold on - I have to buy the DVD, wait a week to get it, then send it away again with MORE MONEY and wait another week or two before I can use the freaking software? I hang up the phone before saying things about Steve Jobs I'll regret later. So, Kyle's iPod is still not a USEFUL present. No word yet on the the BIG present I got him. A check on the status: Employee: "Hmm, usually that would be in by now." Me: "Can you tell me when it will be in?" Employee: "No, we have no way of knowing that since it's a special order." Now, maybe my logic is off, but it would seem that SPECIAL order would be easier to track than the millions of regular items you get every day. Ok, so that was sucky present #2. We finally get around to actually opening the fun, little gifts I got him: Homestarrunner stuff. A poster, key chain, and cool Trogdor polo. However, the trogdor polo is too big and I can't find the receipt or packing list to send it back. And that was sucky present #3. Perfect birthday turned into a disaster. Made me really sad. And to top it off, I was sick last night. Fun. Happy Birthday, Kyle. Sorry!

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Kelly said...

You know, it really is the thought that counts, Miranda. I'm certain that Kyle is very appreciative of you, no matter when his iPod starts working.