Sunday, June 12, 2005

5k madness

Saturday now is equal to 5k day at our house. We woke up really early and got ready for ANOTHER 5k this weekend. Kyle didn't run, he got home late and worked late all week and he just didn't feel like it. But, for some reason, I thought I needed to be punished for some yet unknown crime, and ran without him. It was a good run except for the Mt. Everest-like hill in the middle of mile 2. It sucked. Bad. But, all my "practice" paid off and I took another 2 minutes or so off my time. I was a happy camper. And I got a yellow shirt this time. It's cute. But, I broke my streak of medalling in every 5k I've been in. No medal this week. But, I'm ok with it.


Michelle said...

I had a lousy run this morning, but thought of you and Kyle to finish strong. I'd rather run in a sweatshirt than in a tank in this heat. My skills always suffer in heat like this. Maybe I'm not quite ready for the Singapore run.

Miranda said...

I'm glad we can inspire. I wish I could inspire myself to get out and run. I've been lazy since Saturday.