Thursday, June 30, 2005

busy, busy, busy

Last weekend was our super fun camping trip that turned into a super short camping trip. It was also supposed to be a shopping trip, but that got eliminated all together. We got to Laramie Friday night and stayed in town. Then we headed up to the Mountains on Saturday morning, after getting yelled at by a crazy old man for leaving our cars by the gas pumps too long. We were called rude and something like stupid, I can't remember the exact word he used. Saturday was beautiful, sun was shining and everything. I got a nap in, went for a "hike", made some food... it was a perfect day of camping. We got up early on Sunday morning, and I started making breakfast. I noticed some dark clouds heading our way and we all started packing up camp (since we had decided we would all leave at some point on Sunday). We didn't make it in time. It started raining, drenching everything. So, everyone got their stuff (wet and dirty) into their cars and we headed out of the mountians. Kyle and I stopped in Laramie and repacked and cleaned out some of our stuff, so it wouldn't be clanging around for the 4 hour trip home. It was fun, and worth it in the end. Got to spend some quality time with Rhea & Harley, the Raine's, and our new friends, Brian, Nicole & their kids. It was good. We didn't stop to shop on the way home because I smelled like a sweaty campfire and didn't think they'd look to favorably on me trying on clothes. This weekend, though, we get to SHOP! Yes!

So, anyway, it was a fun weekend. We were supposed to have Monday off, too, but Kyle got called into work, so I went in too and it ended up being one of my worst days at work. Some of the reports didn't get run over the weekend, so I ended up having to look up gas values one at a time. I was crabby.

The rest of the week was more of the same, with a little web coordination mixed in just to keep me one step away from going crazy.

Tomorrow, we're taking the day off and heading down to Colorado Springs for some SHOPPING and some hanging out with the in-laws. I'm pretty excited about it.


Am said...

Sound like fun! Hope you find some great buys this weekend! Did you finally get the rest of Kyle's birthday present?

Miranda said...

I did, finally. I had ordered him a new hunting rifle, and it came about 2 weeks late. but, he was very surprised and LOVED it!