Monday, May 09, 2005


After the usual friday (pizza & a movie), I woke up to a rainy Saturday and figured it was a good day to shop. Mother's Day gifts, my brother's confirmation, high school grads - all in need of gifts. So, we got ready quick and headed to the nearest shopping mecca, Rapid City. We love Rapid City - only two hours away (and a beautiful drive through the Black Hills). So, we got there and found the mother's day gifts pretty quickly. Dropped my mom's off at work (she works in the mall - how convenient!) and figured we might as well do some shopping for ourselves. Well, that turned into shopping for me and I came home with a few great things. Even some pants that are a size smaller than usual - HOORAY!!! We headed downtown and got some other gifts, stopped at our favorite Rapid City restaurant, the Firehouse, then headed home. It was a great (and much needed) shopping trip! I'm still excited about it.

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hc said...

yay! new pants. nice work. hey, just watched the wedding video this weekend. you and kyle were super cute. we are SOOOO glad you came out for the weddding, wouldn't have been the same without you!