Sunday, May 22, 2005

new year's resolution - done!!!

My new year's resolution this year was to run a 5k and not come in last. It is officially checked off the list. My first 5k is complete! And, to top it off - I got 2nd place in my age division. Don't ask how many people were in my age division. I'm keeping that secret ;) So, I medaled in my first road race! I'm pretty excited. I'll even post a pic of runner #44.

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Duck Hunter said...

So, you did #45 come in last? :)

Miranda said...

he came in behind me. but only because the lady at the finish line said "you can't come in at the same time!" so, i kicked it into high gear and beat him by a step. there were a few people behind us too.

Michelle said...

Kel and I would to the Trukey Day 5K and he let me come in first too the first time we ran it. I was yelling at him the whole time, and did some serious appologizing afterwards. Sounds like yours was less humbeling.
I also just cut Kel's hair with clippers, but I always get nervous that he will be upset with the turn out. I remember when Phoebe first cut Todd's hair. It was like our first 5k ;)

Miranda said...

I did get mad at him a little during the 5k. He kept saying things like "Next time, double knot your shoes.", "Next time, wear shorts.", etc. But overall, it was good.

I was nervous about the haircut, but pretty sure I could do a buzz cut. I'm glad he didn't want anything harder ;)

Am said...

That's awesome Mandy! Congrats!