Thursday, May 26, 2005

hot commodity

I had my annual review. It started out with my boss saying, "You can never leave this company while I am still here." It was a good review, all of my scores were "exceeding expectations." That was fun. Now, I'll just sit back and wait for the big fat raise coming my way. I wish.

In related news, I got an email today from a previous employer asking me to come work for him as their "web design coordinator". Sounds fun, but I'm not sure how many hours/week it would be. And with my regular, full-time job, and the web work I do, I'm not sure I could swing another thing. But, it's worth talking to the guy.

So, I'm feeling like I have skillz today in the employment department.


Duck Hunter said...

Sounds great Miranda. It's nice to have options. Good luck.

Amber Hobbie said...

hey mandy!! long time, no anything!! I just got an email from Tera about her blog and saw that you have one too! I just wanted to say that I love you and I miss you! I hope you have a great week and say hi to Kyle for me.

Monkey said...

Congratulations on the excellent review!

Miranda said...


Hi Amber!!!! I'll send you an email!