Tuesday, May 24, 2005

blast from the past

Last night, we went to a graduation party for a friend of ours. While there, I saw a girl that looked familiar to me, but I wasn’t sure how I knew her. After a while, I heard someone call her “Mandy” and then I knew right away. I had gone on a missions trip to Toronto the summer after graduating high school and she had been my roommate there. I vaguely remembered that she was from Wyoming. I told her I had gone on a missions trip with her and she said “Mandy Ellefson?!” It was crazy. She was one of those people that I had spent two weeks with, but assumed I would probably never see her again. Guess I was wrong.

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Gina Marie said...

I've had some fun doing what I call "google stalking" where I google the names of old friends. If they're doing anything of interest, a lot of time you can find them. I've tracked down a few people that way - I found out one friend from elementary school lives in Thailand, which is just a puddle hop from here. Try it some time!