Thursday, February 02, 2006

lots of catching up to do....

1. I'm in Houston this week. Well, the week's almost over, I guess. I was here for training and had a really good time. The class was good (though I'm not actually using the software, just the backup for the software), and we just got to do lots of fun stuff. Tonight, we got to go out on a boat to dinner (we drove the boat to the restaurant, docked it, and then ate and drove the boat back). So fun! We also have a great Fitness Center here - 70,000 sq ft. Did a spinning class Tuesday, my 2nd one and I love it.

2. I'm an aunt again! Ruby Faith Martin was born Jan 19th. She's adorable! I'm planning on posting some pics soon, so you'll just have to wait. Kyle is such a proud uncle, he loves spending time with the baby. I haven't gotten to see her nearly as much as he has, but I'm looking forward to it!

3. Reading through the Bible is still going good - both of us are still on track! Yipee!

4. Jurassic Park is on tv right now. Great movie.

5. I started a new job - Wyoming recruiter for Mitchell Tech (where I used to work when I lived in Mitchell, SD). I'm really excited about this job and looking forward to learning more about the schools in WY. (This is just a part time job, I still have all the rest.... for now.)

I think that's it for now. Oh, and Happy Birthday, Dad!


Am said...

Mandy, how many jobs do you have now?

Miranda said...

technically, i guess I have 4. crazy.

Duck Hunter said...

I hardly want the ONE that I have. Can't imagine 4.

Chase said...

wow, mandy, you have a lot of jobs. you're crazy. i wish i didn't even have to have one job! although, if the alternative to working a job is having babies, i'll be in at 7am please.