Monday, August 07, 2006


Once again, we had a really fun weekend. My sister, Tera, and her family came for a quick visit. They arrived around noon on Friday and left at about 7 Saturday night. We made the most of it, though. I got off early Friday and Tera, Mike, Macy, and I headed to the city pool. Our city pool is free, so I was expecting tons of kids, but it really wasn't that busy. Macy just walked all over, she loved the pool. Tera kept telling her to "get her face wet" and she would just stop what she was doing and dip her face in the water. It was so funny. She knows when she is funny, which made it even funnier. She has such a goofy smile! We then packed up the car to head over to the Bighorns for a quick camping trip. We were hoping to have Kyle with us, but he got off work late, so he had to drive over later. We're lucky we went when we did, we got a great camping spot and kept hearing the rest of the night that there were no camping spots available. Whew! Macy was a good sport on the trip, getting frustrated as she had to sit in her stroller while we unpacked and set up camp. She loved walking around and touching everything, especially the trees. We got a kick out of that and had her hugging the trees by the end of the night. It was so fun to have her there. Saturday we got up and made breakfast, then the boys went fishing, while Tera & Macy napped. We had lunch, packed up camp, and headed off for a hike to the lake for more fishing. It was Macy's first shoulder ride and first hike. We had a great time. Macy and I really hit it off and she was my buddy all day. We were so sad to see them go and can't wait for their next visit!!! Come back soon!!

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Chase said...

Mandy, you are looking pretty svelte these days!!