Saturday, August 19, 2006

Birthday Weekend...

Last weekend was Macy's first birthday party. She's one. Crazy. I headed down to Wagner with my Mom, Duane, and Maggie. We stopped in Mitchell to drop Dylan off at college. Yes, Dylan is a freshman in college. Crazy. He's playing football and basketball this year for DWU.
Anyway, back to the party. I have pictures:

A terrible picture of the sisters. I'm still missing one (Maggie, my mom's daughter was down by the lake and missed out.) Me, Katie, Tera, and Serina (the new step-sister).

With Grandma & Grandpa Ellefson. They just keep getting cuter. You can tell Grandpa is in the middle of cracking a joke in this one.

Macy got her own cake to tear into. She did a pretty good job, even left some of her frosting for me.

While it pains me to say this, Macy liked her first John Deere best (not my present!) and played with it during the rest of the party. She liked pushing it around better and would just giggle as she was walking. Adorable.

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Angela said...

she is so cute!