Tuesday, September 13, 2005

nothing better

Last night, we were invited to the birthday party of our friends' kid. He was turning 4. It was such a good time. The party got rained out, so we were all inside. Kids crack me up. I had such a good time. The highlight of the party was when they were opening presents and Tasha (the birthday boy's mom) asked her husband for a knife to cut open a box. Another little 4 year old excitedly says, "I've got one!" and proceeds to pull out a pocket knife to the complete embarrassment of his mother. Everyone was laughing and his mom said, "Well, I guess I'm glad he didn't pull that out on the trampoline." Crack me up. Such a funny kid. This same kid was seen outside jumping in front of the window trying to get everyone's attention. FOR 30 MINUTES, I swear. I looked out the window and said to Kyle, "THAT doesn't make you want to have kids?" I can't wait for the next party!


Michelle said...

You two must have been watching trading spaces. Nice breakfast nook.
Did the mom know her son had a knife?

Miranda said...


No, she had no idea. She was so embarrassed. It is still a mystery as to where the knife came from.

Macy said...

Well Macy has a knife in her pocket...she is 5 weeks old ;)

Miranda said...

That's girl has gotta protect herself - way to be a good parent. Girls need weapons, boys don't. Especially the cute chicas, like little Macy.