Sunday, September 25, 2005

christmas in september

This weekend, we made another trek to Tera's house (6.5 hours away) to visit and attend Macy's dedication (we are her "sponsors"). It was a fun weekend, with WAY too much driving. We ended up making a loop of 1/2 of South Dakota, I swear. Saturday, we got to go with them to Macy's baby pictures, which turned out SO cute. I'll post a link once there's one to post. They are so adorable, though.

On Wednesday night, our washing machine decided to break. Well, it still worked, but 1/2 of the water ended up in the bathroom... on the floor. Kyle and his dad tried to fix it Thursday night, to no avail. Kyle's dad and brother-in-law were going to come over and fix it while we were gone. Kyle kept calling them to see how things were going and we finally found out that it was fixed. But, we had stopped at Sears on Saturday to see that we couldn't really afford new ones right now.

We got home late tonight, and Kyle saw that there was some dryer vent duct stuff in the trash, so we went down there to see what they had done and this is what we found:

Merry Christmas to us!!!! Posted by Picasa

We are so excited, grateful, relieved, overwhelmed, excited, and excited! Mom & Dad Irby got us a new washer and dryer! I wish I could explain how nasty and old our old stuff was. You'll never know, they hauled it to the dump. But, now we have BRAND SPANKIN NEW ones! I love early Christmas presents! This one was the BEST!


Angela said...

How nice are they?!

Also: how do you do the word verification?

Miranda said...

Is that the coolest? I'm way excited.

Ok, word verification - login to blogger dashboard, click on "Change Settings" then "Comments" and scroll down to "Show word verification for comments" and choose "Yes". Easy as pie.

Angela said...

Thanks! I made the word verification change. Hopefully no more random commenters

Macy said...

That is awesome, how exciting!!! I have Macy's professional pictures on my blog now.