Monday, August 01, 2005

More family pics.

Here are some more pics from the family reunion:

Kyle & I.

Maggie (my sis) playing with bubbles.

Chet (my older brother) playing the bean bag game. This was one of the main past-times this weekend.

Grandpa & Grandma Yusten.

Tera (my little sis) and Mike (aka Puff Daddy).

Me & Tera.


Duck Hunter said...

nice pictures.. looks like you all had a great time. Oh, I'm sure you are told this all the time, you and your sister could almost pass as twins.
I loaded up your blog and saw that picture of her belly. I thought, "Miranda isn't pregnant!"

Miranda said...

I've often heard that we have the same voice and laugh and eyes, but never that we looked like twins. That's fun! We'll have to play that up a little.

Michelle said...

M ~

Where was the reunion? It looks familiar to me. How excited are you at becoming an aunt??? My sister says that nothing compares.

Miranda said...

It was in South Dakota.

I'm really excited, I wish they lived closer, though. They're about 7 hours away :(