Tuesday, August 30, 2005

current uncle of the week, future father of the week.

Uncle Kyle & Macy Posted by Picasa

We had a great weekend. Saturday, we slept in and then performed our favorite ritual - Saturday breakfast at Java Jae's. It was good, coffe and a bagel before heading over to Rapid City to meet up with Tera and Macy, who were in town for the weekend. Kyle and I did a little shopping then met up with Mom, Duane, Tera & Macy at the Firehouse, our fave RC restaurant. I got to hold the baby (she's SO tiny) FINALLY. Then, the girls went to do some paint/baby/misc shopping, while the boys went home (to my mom's). We had a great time. Once we got back, mom showed me how to use my new (really old - it was Kyle's grandma's, then his sister's, and now mine) sewing machine. I'm trying to learn how to sew. Then I can make all my purses instead of having to buy them every week. Anyway, I got the basics down. Kyle held the baby and seemed to really like being around her. He was always asking where the baby was and held her a few times, even burped her once. My mom, of course, kept making comments like "Kyle, you'll be such a good daddy... NEXT YEAR" which really cracked me up, but left Kyle rolling his eyes. Maybe someday he will want a baby. :) We didn't stay the night, my mom already had a houseful (my aunt and uncle were in town also and my mom has two "foster" kids - my cousins). It was a fun day. Sunday I did some web work, Kyle washed my car, we went to a movie - Red Eye - which was better than expected. I like weekends like that. Family, shopping, movies, it was good.


Duck Hunter said...

Sounds like Kyle is looking ground on his fight to wait for children.

Kyle= resistance is futile.

Michelle said...


You tricked me I beleived you were already expecting by the title. Good thing I read on, or half of Minnesota might have already thought you were pregnant too.

Miranda said...

Ha! Sorry!

Duck Hunter said...

i meant to say losing. not looking. d'oh!

Gina Marie said...

I heard a good quote from Brooke Shields the other day (I never thought I would say that) about how there's a big difference between people who say they want to have a baby, and people who say they want to be a parent, and you should really wait until you can say the latter.

And I concur with Michelle - I instantly started scanning the post for the "i'm pregnant" announcement.