Wednesday, August 17, 2005

i am a shoplifter.

I accidentally tried to shoplift two water refills at the grocery store yesterday. I had filled them up and I usually just leave them in my cart at the check out and then tell the check out lady that I have them. She doesn't need to scan them, they are refills. Yesterday, as I was checking out, I got a phone call and remembered I needed to get Kyle some candy bars for his lunches. So, I was on the phone, frantically grabbing candy, and forgot about the water completely. When she went to put my bags in the cart (they still bag the groceries for you in Wyoming), she looked at the water and looked at me and started to say "Um, what about those waters..." when I said "Oh no, I completely forgot about those!". She gave me the "yeah, right, you water thief" look. I felt dumb. My first shoplifting attempt (though unintentional) and I got busted.

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Anonymous said...

For some reason with the grabbing candy bars and forgetting the water reminds me of a former incident with a co-worker..(something about Brownies) made me smile. Miranda you have water at home that you can get at any time you don't need to still the water refills from the store!!!