Tuesday, March 29, 2005

easter recap

Saturday night my family (mom's side - mom & duane, dylan, his g-friend nancy, tanner, and maggie) came over to spend the night. We made some chislik, pizza, and had snacks while the kids (& kyle) played monopoly. The rest of us sat around and chatted until it was time to prepare the Easter baskets. I will say nothing else just in case my 7-year old sister ever reads this. But, the Easter bunny (or bunnies) did a great job with the baskets. I got a new purse with a bunch of Easter candy inside.

We got up early on Sunday to start the food. Then - a circus, as 8 people tried to get ready for church in our townhouse. It was a race against the clock. But, we made it there with about 3 minutes to spare. During the service, my mom kicked over her coffee and it just kept running on the concrete floor. And since we were right up front, everyone got to see the mess... Can't take her anywhere.....

After church, we had a great meal and then (dun.. dun... dun) the EASTER EGG HUNT!!!!. Kyle and I hid the eggs all over the house. Each kid got to find 18 and they found all but one. Mom put a $2 bounty on the last egg. So, the whole house was in a mad rush to find the last egg. While this was happening, the upstairs toilet starts to overflow. And I mean waterfall overflow, not a small trickle. No one would stop looking for the "golden egg" to help me out, so I'm standing in an inch of water with wet socks yelling for help. It was a mess. But we finally got the water shut off and kyle plunged the toilet for about 20 minutes until he finally dislodged whatever was stuck. Gross. And Maggie, the youngest, found the egg and took home the money. Good girl. Way to show everyone up.

It was an awesome Easter - we're hoping they'll all come back soon!


travis schmitz said...

i chased cows the day before easter i sat around and ate on easter

Angela said...

props to the irbys for putting on an easter egg hunt--how fun

Nice to have the fam in town?

sorry about the toi-toi. Not so fun.

Macy said...

So sad that we couldn't be there and crowd the place up a little more. I mean two more people in the house (one 6' and very fat and the other 6'4") would've really helped. Oh well, maybe next year.