Thursday, August 26, 2010

labor pains...or not

I go to bed every night certain that I am having contractions. I check the time on the alarm clock and then wait for the next one, checking the time again. I don't mention anything to Kyle, I don't want to freak him out. I start mentally packing my bag, making sure to get the camera every time. And then I drift off to sleep... I wake up several hours later, with only the urge to pee. No contractions, no labor, no baby! Every night this has happened, since Monday. Today is Thursday and today I even woke up with a contraction. Well, more of a cramp, but I was sure that today was the day. I even got out my makeup bag this morning, I was so sure. Now, here I sit at work, with a baby boy that is happy to stay inside his momma. I am officially 38 weeks today. I am ready. Well, almost. We have an open house this afternoon at Scout's potential new daycare and I need to go into the bank to sign paperwork so we can refinance our mortgage. So, sweet baby, let's wait until this evening to make an appearance. And, then, it's time. Come on out to play, your big brother is waiting for you!!

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