Wednesday, August 18, 2010

C'mon baby boy...

I am so ready to have this baby. Not because of any major discomfort or the fact that my belly is big enough to be carrying a whole family, but I am just so ready to meet this baby! The reality of this baby is really starting to sink in. I know: it's about time! But, for most of this pregnancy I was so consumed by other things and by Scout, that I was only thinking of the pregnancy, not the actual baby. But, now I am obsessed with the baby: What will he look like? What kind of personality will he have? Will he sleep well? Will he have a perfect little nose? Will his toenails do the weird curvy thing that Scout's do or will he be stuck with my too-small pinkie toenail? I'm just ready to see him and hold him and talk to him! So, get out here, already! Your momma wants to see you!

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