Saturday, October 28, 2006


We RARELY get visitors in Wyoming. In fact, other than family members, I'm not sure we've had any. So, we were totally psyched when we found out that Andi & Jesse were going to bring Aiden to Wyoming for the weekend. We had such a good time catching up with them, relaxing, watching movies, eating, and planning a vacation. It was so good. I love having friends like them. The friends that you know you don't have to entertain or impress, that will love you no matter what and that you can just lay around watching football all day with. It was great. One of the best weekends I've had in a while. Aiden is so adorable and was so fun to have in the house. He was such a good little baby. I think we're starting to get baby fever in this house... but, maybe not too. Anyway, on to the pictures:

The Freiwald's

Proud Papa

Andi & The yummy Thai food she made for us

Bath Time

Kyle hanging out with Aiden

Lounging. All weekend long...


Chase said...

we're diggin' the facial hair on Kyle

Miranda said...

isn't he cute? that's my hope that i will have a redheaded daughter. his beard is so red! i might get my own little heidi someday!

amber hobbie said...

mandy! i'm so glad that you got to see andi, jesse, and aiden. maybe i'm a little jealous...thanks for postin' pictures of your time together!! hope all is going better in NM and no more weird dreams!! love you girl!

Stephanie said...

Mandy- love the pics and the blog! We missed our friends, but I heard they had an awesome time with you and Kyle. Hopefully you can make it back to MN soon, we would love to hang out again.

Miranda said...

amber- thanks - i miss you!

stephanie- i'm jealous that you get to see them as much as you do! take good care of them! we are going to try to get up there this year some time, otherwise, you guys will just have to go to jamaica :)