Sunday, October 15, 2006


So, we've been in full-fledged home remodel/update mode this week. Last weekend, my mom came to help me put up paintable wallpaper in kyle's bathroom, while he worked on changing out the lights/faucets/etc. His bathroom is almost done, just waiting for some things we ordered online. Then, on Monday we started on my bathroom, regrouting/caulking the shower (which is a horrible, time consuming process that we will never do again), changing out the lights, the old medicine cabinet, and the faucets. Kyle is currently up there fixing my toilet. Why are we doing all of this work? We have no idea. It all started once we realized that if we put in lots of work, we could have both bathrooms done by this Friday, which is when my best friend, Andi, and her hubby, Jesse, and baby Aiden are coming for a visit. We are so close. I finished painting the walls in my bathroom today and I have to paint the trim/vanity tomorrow night. I can't wait for it to be done. I need a break from this stuff. And, I'm sick of Home Depot! My mom lives near a Lowe's and is always finding better/cheaper stuff there. I'm jealous. I'll post pics when we're all done... probably Thursday just in time for Grey's Anatomy.

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Chase said...

can't wait to see pics, love you!