Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wedding Weekend

My Dad got married a couple of weeks ago (June 4th). We had a great weekend "camping" in Custer, SD. I really love being around my family and really enjoy spending time with my sisters. Kyle and I got in late Friday night, and woke up and had breakfast with my older brother, Chet. We needed nourishment for our adventure. We were going mountain biking. We headed up the Mickelson Trail at about 11:30 or 12:00. The trail was awesome. Small gravel, nicely maintained, benches for resting. It was overcast and I was sure we were going to ride into a storm, but Kyle assured me that we wouldn't. After 5 miles of uphill (at a small grade, it used to be a railroad track), we made it to Crazy Horse.

It's pretty cool to ride your bike past this. We didn't actually take the camera (I forgot it) biking, but we drove by Crazy Horse again, so you get this pic instead. After 10 miles of downhill and reaching speeds of 26 mph, we made it to Hill City, one of the cutest towns in SD. We stopped and had ice cream and then headed back. It was sunny now. 10 miles of uphill, which was hard, but felt good. I've been taking spinning classes for a few months, so it was really good to see that it was paying off. We then got our 5 miles of downhill and we were back. Total ride time was about 3 hours - 34 miles. But our trip actually took more like 4 hours. It was a fun ride. We headed back to the camp, hung out by the pool for a little bit and then got ready for a BBQ. We were actually crashing Sandy's family's reunion, but I don't think they cared too much. The kids (Tera, Mike, Macy, Katie, & Ryan) showed up a few hours later and we started having fun! Sunday, Tera, Katie & I got up early and went running. My little brother gave me the best b-day present - he remembered it was my birthday first (even before I did). Tera had gotten me a "It's My Birthday" crown from Toys R Us. Of course, I wore that down to breakfast. Later in the day, Dad got married:

The Bride & Groom

It was a perfect ceremony, even visited by a cute little butterfly fluttering through the ceremony. I have a few more pics:

Me & Grandma
My sisters
Me & My Boy

Kyle was the official photographer, but used Dad's camera, so we don't have any other pics. It was a great weekend, made me want to move closer to the fam!


Angela said...

I love the pics! My friend is moving to Custer SD to be a pastor there. Just a random comment.

Miranda said...

Funny. He'll like it. It's pretty there.