Thursday, June 15, 2006

Poor Kyle....

Kyle had sinus surgery yesterday. He's not doing too bad today, but is definitely feeling like he's been punched in the nose. He had to sleep in the recliner last night, so we've been camped in the basement. It's kind of fun, I don't make it down here too often. I took yesterday off to take him to surgery (in Rapid City) and I took today off to take care of him. He's doing surprisingly good, so I went and got breakfast this morning at Java Jae's (Jae's last day owning it :( Hopefully the new girl will be just as good). Tasha brought us some really yummy soup for lunch and birthday cake for Kyle - tomorrow is his birthday. We've been hanging out at home, watching movies and watching soccer. Kyle's been playing his xbox all afternoon, so this is what I've been looking at the last couple of hours:
I got him to take a picture also:

Doesn't he look sad? His nose is a little swollen and keeps getting stuffy/bloody. But, he's being a trooper and doing really good. I'm trying to get him to go get some ice cream - just to get him out of the house. Ok, not really - I want some. Most of you probably saw through that last comment before you were done reading it. Oh, on a fun note - my birthday present from Kyle came today. He had somehow hacked into my wish list at and ordered me EVERYTHING on it. I got like... 10 new shirts and a necklace. AWESOME! I'll let you know if any of the shirts end up in any pictures. it was so fun! How'd I end up with such a great guy?!!! It was the BEST surprise EVER! EVER! Thanks, babe!

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