Monday, December 12, 2005


Last Wednesday, we upgraded our SCADA servers at work. As the SCADA Administrator, this was my responsiblity to oversee and make sure everything was working. We had someone from the company that built our software there to do the actual upgrade, but I had to make sure all of our data made it into the system correctly and that everything was working. So much stress. I ended up staying late every day last week and worked some this weekend and then put in a 12 hour day today. I love my job, but I'm ready for everything to be perfect again. Tomorrow we're driving over to Rapid City to catch a flight to Minneapolis on Wednesday. VACATION! I'm SO ready to get away for a while and just relax and shop and sit in the hot tub and relax and relax and shop. I think Kyle is starting to get excited too. I've gotten to the point this past week (and even as early as this morning) that I was so stressed out that anything said with the wrong tone brought me to the brink of tears. I hate being that emotional. But, I staying late (and going in early) today helped and I think I'll be ready to take off tomorrow..... let's hope. Here's how I'm relaxing tonight:

Staring at the Christmas Tree.


Duck Hunter said...

your tree looks great. Enjoy vacation.

Gina Marie said...

I have some paint really similar to that color on your wall sitting on my porch waiting to be used. Thanks for the reminder - I really would like to do it before Christmas!

You're going on vacation in Minneapolis? I thought you wanted to get away from the cold?

amber hobbie said...

how was your evening of staring at the Christmas tree? i hope it was splendiforous! have a great vacation!!

Miranda said...

it is really cold and snowy here, but a lot of our friends are here, and we just wanted to see them. and shop. lots and lots of shopping.

thanks, amber, it was really good!