Thursday, July 21, 2005

pool police

Almost everyday, after work, I go to the pool for about an hour to relax. Usually there's not many people there, but occasionally there's a pool full of kids. Either way, I don't mind. I just sit back, relax and read a book (currently: Cold Mountain). I usually enjoy this time, and rarely disturbed, and get to relax an hour before heading home to make supper or whatever the night may bring. Last night was different. I got my chair, faced it towards the sun, and started reading. Soon, a little girl came and asked me for help with her goggles. No problem, I'm happy to help. Then, the entire mood of the pool shifted as the pool police came into view. Apparently this woman, "Sam", was just hired to be the pool police, a position she takes VERY seriously. She let introduced herself to me and let me know the three big "crimes" they were trying to fight this summer:

1. No smoking in the pool area. No problem, I don't smoke.
2. No after hour swimming. The pool closes at 10. Well, I'm usually heading to bed at 10.
3. No letting in keyless pool patrons. It doesn't matter if they're the cutest big eyed kids in the world, you need a key to get in the pool.

This last rule brought two girls out of the water and they took off. She told me that they were the reason she was down here. She had heard that some little girls had been let into the pool by an adult. Luckily, it wasn't me. But, she was on her way to that adult to give her a talkin' to. How did she know they were let in?? She told me where she lives and she doesn't have a view of the pool from her house. Are there cameras installed somewhere that I don't know about? I'm scared of the pool police.


Kelly said...

I think pool policing is authorized somewhere in the Patriot Act.

Miranda said...

She literally sat at the door to the pool yesterday. I guess she's REALLY serious about not letting in the keyless.

travis schmitz said...

yep c why i cant swim its the pool police check out my blogger i finally got a chance to post something

Michelle said...

Have you ever read Steven King's Library Police? It sounds similar. Which reminds me I have an over due baby enstine for Faith.

Michelle said...

Miranda ~
I didn't mean to steal your title :)!!

Miranda said...

I haven't read it. Stephen King scares me.

Miranda said...

Michelle -
You can steal my titles anytime.