Thursday, July 14, 2005

fun weekend just around the corner

This weekend, we're going to Rapid City for "Hills Alive" - a FREE Christian music festival. It will be really fun. My mom and stepdad are leaving town and taking the little kids with them, so it will be Kyle, me, Dylan, and Tanner. It will be a fun weekend. Dylan is going to be a senior and Tanner is going to be a Sophomore. I'm very excited and trying to think of ways to convince them to hang out with us. (Taking them out to dinner is all I have so far.) It will be fun. I'm hoping to stop at Mt. Rushmore to check out the face lift the boys are getting. We'll see what happens.


Michelle said...

I've been to Mt. Rushmore two summers ago. My in mother and father in-law went there for their honeymoon, so it made things a little more romantic and a little less stoic. Can't wait to see the pics of the trip.

Miranda said...

It was fun. It's not so romantic anymore. It used to be really rustic and rugged (like Devil's Tower still is), now it's all fancy. But, still cool.