Monday, July 19, 2010

Second Child Syndrome

Is second child syndrome real? I don't know, but it already exists at our house. I was just telling my sister this morning that when I was 32 weeks pregnant with Scout, I'm fairly certain the car seat was installed and had already been checked by the EMS base. We had also completed our prenatal classes and the nursery was completed - clothes washed, bedding ready (though it wouldn't be used-we were using a basinette), supplies purchased and arranged by expiration date. Yes, I was that crazy. We were READY. His name had been picked out since BEFORE we were even thinking about having kids. Fast forward to baby #2. He has the crib set up in his room. The crib we had to move out of Scout's bedroom to make space for the big boy bed. There is a dresser in the baby room, but it is still filled with my running clothes (who knows what else is in there, it hasn't been touched in a long time!). The closet has my wedding dress in it, along with winter coats, and possibly a guitar. We have not decided on a name for this baby. I have no idea where the 0-3 month baby clothes are and I haven't even looked for the car seat. And, aside from one major freak out, I'm not all that stressed out about not being ready. Mostly, I know that all I REALLY need are some diapers. It seems like we were fairly low-key with Scout, so I can't even imagine what this second baby is going to be like. Luckily, there are lots of hand-me-downs for him: Scout and Cruise are both sending clothes his way. So, once I find the clothes, he will be a very well-dressed nameless baby!

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Unknown said...

so glad you are up and blogging again! can't wait to see you :)