Saturday, April 05, 2008

Back... with no guarantees!

Finally, I've decided it's time to blog again. Sorry for the abrupt quit, I was just getting sick of the pressure to blog! :) So, today, while I'm sitting at home, sick, I'm reading all the old blogs I used to and catching up on peoples' lives. Fun. We've had a hectic, but fun year and have lots of big changes coming up in the next few months...and beyond. First off - we're trying to sell the townhouse! Biggest stress ever. The house has to be spotless at all times. ALL times. A realtor could call at any time to bring someone over. That means no waiting to do dishes, put away laundry or even leaving the mail out. Kyle and I have very different ideas about what is acceptable. He sees no problem in leaving a stray dish or a full coffee press on the counter. I'm practically putting the iron away while it is still hot. He's supposed to be the anal one, not me!


Duck Hunter said...

I had just looked at your blog last week to see you had not come back. I'm hope you find time to blog again if you enjoy it. I always enjoyed reading your posts.

Megan said...

1. woo hoo! you're back!

2. Miranda, Miranda, i'm sure your house is cleaner than you think! and, i'm sure it's adorable and it will sell really easily!


Angela said...

woohoo you're back!

That sounds like a huge PITA (pain in the a@@)