Saturday, November 25, 2006

10 Things

1. Halloween 5k. I ran with the Winters as the Ghostbusters:

2. We cheered for Tanner (my little brother) as his team made it to the state championship:

The proudest big sisters ever.

Kyle & I sporting our STM gear.

The big man, Tanner.

3. We cheered even harder as they lost in the state championship:

Mom, Tera, Macy, Katie, & Kyle

Mom & Macy

Tanner's Biggest Fan

4. My mom and I realize that we have the same picture pose:

5. We saw Dylan's dorm room at DWU:

6. We watched as Macy discovered the mystery of the Kleenex box:

7. Relived the 80's at Brittni's 80's Party:

I have no idea why Kyle didn't like this look.

Jo & I looking Rad

The Whole Crew

9. Got New Haircuts with the Girls:

10. I got a bad cold. No pictures.


Michelle said...

I think it would have been fun to see a side by side of Macy's grin with Tanner's mouth gard shot.

Angela said...

80s outfit = super impressive

Megan said...

so i was like, who is this creepy stranger named miranda who says she got a christmas card from me and now she's looking at my blog???? when the stupid wore off 2 seconds later (when your profile popped up) i was like, "hey! it's mandy!) ha. you two look great! who knew wyoming could be so fun?? great to hear from you!