Friday, July 21, 2006

Custer Camping Trip

Last weekend, we got to go to one of our favorite camping places - Custer State Park. It was so freaking hot - over 100 degrees all weekend. Way too hot. We woke up early to go for a hike before it got too hot. We went on the Sunday Gulch Trail... only 3 miles, but marked as "strenuous" - ha. Here's the begininng:

Ok, I'm not really climbing the wall.... I'm only about a foot off the ground.
We saw some really cool scenery on the trail.

My future as a National Geographic photographer.

Ok, so it started easy... we were definitely wiped out by the end of the trail. It was fun, though. Can't imagine doing it in over 100 degrees, though. It was about 95 when we got done at 10:30. So, we headed to the lake. I'd post a pic, but I'm not confident enough to post a swimsuit picture. Maybe next year (yeah right). Saturday night, we went to the Black Hills Playhouse and saw Fiddler on the Roof. It was really good, as usual. We love the Playhouse. If you're in the area, you should definitely go. Go at night, though, there's no air conditioning, and the matinees get really warm....

Before going to the play.

You can see Mt. Rushmore through one of the several tunnels on Iron Mountain Road (my favorite road). The trip was a blast, we spent Sunday at the lake too. We're going back next weekend with Tyler & Krista. More pics then. Right now I'm trying to clean my house before my mom, step-dad and sister come tomorrow afternoon. Yep, it's THAT dirty :)


Duck Hunter said...

You have really given me some ideas of places to visit if I ever make it West of the Mississippi. That tunnel picture was a great one too.

Michelle said...

You two really do need to wait to have kids, or I'll have to give up living vicarously through your trips.
I've been to that very same baseball feild the year I was pregnant with Faith. I remember we sat so high up it made me dizzy.