Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Christmas Tree Hunting

Last Saturday, Kyle and I ventured out to hunt for a Christmas tree. We drove over to Buffalo, bought a tree permit, and headed up into the mountains. We were so excited, having visions of finding the perfect tree in the middle of a field with the sun shining down on out and hearing an angelic chorus in the background. Instead, we left three hours later, covered in snow, with no tree. It was harder that you'd think. There are all these crazy rules that take all of the perfect trees out of consideration. We basically drove throught all these trails and then we'd get out and walk when we saw some that might work. The tricky trees, though, have learned to grow in twos, so there is only one side of the tree that actually has branches. It was much harder than you'd think. There were several times when we were actually walking through the forest asking each other "where are all the freaking trees?!!" Then it started snowing and I was thinking "Oh, a light snow, how perfect." Then, lots and lots of snow. We could barely see out the window to find a tree. We were a little nervous about coming down the mountain in crappy weather, so we decided to head down. But, it was still lots of fun and we had a good time on our unsucessfull hunting trip. Of course, I took some pics:

Kyle being optimistic.

Thinking we have time to find a tree... notice the ominous clouds coming over the mountains in the background.

Kyle trying to look sad that we didn't find a tree. I think he was secretly happy that he didn't have to chop one down.

I look more pissed than sad, and that's pretty much how I felt.

I guess the Boy Scouts are going to get our money after all.....


Angela said...


Be carefull to measure if you do do find one. They always seem to be bigger when you actually get them home.

Kelly said...

I think I'm going to chop down a palm tree and send it back to Wyoming for your Christmas tree.

Michelle said...

Sounds like a forest of Charlie Brown Christmas trees. I love that cartoon.

Chase said...

at least your adventure ended with a funny sorry and some cute pictures. we aren't even going to have a tree this Christmas. Well, except for the 2-footer than my mom gave us. but that doesn't really count.

Miranda said...

yeah, send a palm tree.

travis schmitz said...

well i would have to say just go fake
they last longer and are a lot less work but then u would have to store it so maybe not a good idea

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